Online & Distance MBA in Healthcare Management

About Online & Distance MBA in Healthcare Management

MBA in Healthcare Management develops distinctive ability sets to manage complexities concerned in running a hospital. This program focuses on topics like finance, marketing, care laws, design, public health and ethics, together with risk mitigation. care management additionally addresses challenges concerned in quality care services and creating them a lot of accessible for larger population. In India, care sector is growing quickly attributable to rising 2 tier and 3 tier cities, addition of latest hospitals, mode diseases like cancers, heart diseases etc., development of multi-specialty hospitals, increasing medical tourist etc.

Objective of Online & Distance MBA in Healthcare Management :

  • Students learn to tackle pressing problems with hospital management as well as
  • Delivery of high–quality health care
  • Health info technology
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Ever–increasing regulation
  • To judge strategic problems in managing overall hospital ecosystems
    to ascertain method for care instrumentation management

Curriculum of Online & Distance MBA in Healthcare Management :

Semester 1

  1. Modern Business Organization and Management
  2. Global Business Environment & Economics
  3. Accounting & Financial Management
  4. HR & OB
  5. Business & Corporate Law

Semester 2

  1. Business Research Methodology
  2. Modern Marketing Management
  3. Information Technology for Business
  4. Production Operations & SCM
  5. Business Communication Skills

Semester 3

  1. Business Policies & Strategic Management
  2. Entrepreneurship & Innovation Management
  3. Hospital Planning And Management
  4. Hospital Services Quality Management
  5. Personal Care Management

Semester 4

  1. Business Ethics & Corporate Governance
  2. Industrial Health And Safety Management
  3. Occupational Stress Management
  4. Project Work
  5. Strategic Hospital Management
Online & Distance MBA in Healthcare Management Programme Fees :
Fee Plan Programme Fee
On Admission    20400
Within 6 Months after Admission    18000
Within 12 Months after Admission    18000
Within 18 Months after Admission    18000
Total Fees 74,400