Online & Distance MBA in Marketing Management

About Online & Distance MBA in Marketing Management :

MBA in Marketing Management is meant to develop dynamic managers UN agency will show in-depth data { like Marketing, advertising, public relations } principles and manage wider business context like marketing, advertising, packaging etc. This programme builds your skill-set across a broad vary of promoting subjects, like talent management, strategic selling, integrated selling and selling communications. Students are going to be ready for a various and difficult career with talents to coordinate, execute and live the effectiveness of promoting activities to support organisation objectives like market positioning, revenue growth and client retention.

Objective of Online & Distance MBA in Marketing Management

  • To produce intensive theoretical and sensible data of promoting management.
  • To develop understanding the core social control principles.
  • To hone students vital thinking and analytical skills.
  • To develop the analytical and decision-making skills needed to satisfy and perform during a growing business surroundings

Curriculum of Online & Distance MBA in Marketing Management

Semester 1

  1. Modern Business Organization and Management
  2. Global Business Environment & Economics
  3. Accounting & Financial Management
  4. HR & OB
  5. Business & Corporate Law

Semester 2

  1. Business Research Methodology
  2. Modern Marketing Management
  3. Information Technology for Business
  4. Production Operations & SCM
  5. Business Communication Skills

Semester 3

  1. Business Policies & Strategic Management
  2. Consumer Behaviour
  3. Entrepreneurship & Innovation Management
  4. Fundamentals Of Advertising
  5. Team Building And Leadership

Semester 4

  1. Business Ethics & Corporate Governance
  2. Strategic Marketing Management
  3. International Marketing Strategy
  4. Fundamentals Of Global Business Management
  5. Project Work
Online & Distance MBA in Marketing Management Programme Fees
Fee Plan Programme Fee
On Admission         20400
Within 6 Months after Admission         18000
Within 12 Months after Admission         18000
Within 18 Months after Admission         18000
Total Fees 74,400