Doctor of Philosophy (P.h.D.)


P.h.D. in Philosophy is a doctorate degree and a specialized certification which is chased to become a sovereign scholar and also to become the teacher of that subject. Eligibility criteria for the subject like: – M.A. (Philosophy) or a degree of M.Phil. The course duration is of 3 years.

This course prepares the aspirants with professional subject knowledge and research assistance’s to train the candidates before they begin.

P.h.D. in philosophy emphases on teachings in the area of Indian philosophy, Western philosophy, and interdisciplinary studies. The assorted explanation and critical engagement with various theories of philosophies are very valuable for aspirants.

Aspirants have a number of golden chances after finishing their P.h.D. in Philosophy course. Alleged jobs like professors, researchers, consultants, teachers, writers, etc. await them. After completing their doctorate course, students are also able to earn well with a monthly income of 30K to 60K as a starting package.


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