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Subharti University M.A JMC Distance Learning Course :

Journalism and Mass Communication (JMC) is a program which is comes underneath professional courses this program offers many career opportunity to candidates. M.A. Journalism and Mass Communication is a post graduation degree and it can be also probable in distance/correspond mode after any graduation degree.

Many colleges recommend online entire courses, bachelor’s degree programs, academic degree programs and certificate programs within the field of journalism. Candidates can take complete programs and certificate programs for faculty credit or for non-credited constant education.

Journalism has negotiates through numerous phases, with a journalist performing effective roles on ‘international –stage’ bringing ‘difference’ in the lives of people-as a moderator between the policy making elites and  the common man,analyst, moderator, commentator,  entertainer, guardian of social equality and advocate of public conversation.

Currently Journalism and Mass Communication Courses are accessible by a huge number of universities/colleges across the world. The oft asked question regarding the significance of journalism programs when numerous well-known journalists of the past and also in the present do not possess a degree in this field has been replies very well by Press Council of India, that journalism schools groom students, along with professional skills as they contain critical and logical approaches to journalism.

Duration – 1 to 2 year

Eligibility – Graduation

Level – Post graduation

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